May 04, 2011

Cap the cap

As the Gentle Reader is no doubt aware, we're gearing up for the Mother of All Federal Budget fights right now. I've posted and linked all kinds of items about this lately, but here's a very short version:

*There are lots of ideas swirling around out there about budgets and deficits, but two of the worst are Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's plan which passed the House. It would gut Medicaid and CHIP and kill Medicare as we know it, along with slashing other programs and giving more tax breaks to the rich.

Another idea that is just as bad is the one proposed by Senators McCaskill and Corker (and unfortunately supported by WV's newest senator, Joe Manchin). It would impose draconian spending caps that would result in across the board cuts and do about all the bad things the Ryan plan would do, and maybe more.

Here's a good article by economist Dean Baker about why this is a bad idea.

And here's an analysis of the same bad idea by the WV Center on Budget and Policy.

BUDGET OPTIONS. Here's a good resource from the National Priorities Project that shows different federal budget alternatives. Meanwhile, their home website is well worth a look around.

SHIFTING COSTS TO SENIORS. The Ryan plan to euthanize Medicare would do just that.

DENY THIS. Arctic ice is melting at a faster than anticipated rate.

CORPORATE FRAUD. Noted economist Jeffrey Sachs calls out corporate corruption here.

MASSEY ENERGY was cited with more safety violations.


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