February 24, 2011

That little monster problem

I've been on an on again/off again Beowulf jag here lately, although there are also links and comments about current events. Click on earlier posts if you like this kind of thing (although the last few days have been all about the labor protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere).

When Beowulf arrives in the land of the Danes with 14 warrior buddies on a quest for monster-killing glory, he is met by a coast-guard whose duty it is to check him out. This requires a bit of diplomacy on his part. It would not do, for example, for him to say

"I'm here to kill that monster you guys are too pansy to handle."


"I thought Denmark could use someone who wasn't a total candy ass to take care of your Grendel problem."

After all, having a man-eating monster you can't get rid of is a bit of a tender subject for a warrior king. (OK, so the pun was intended.)

Beowulf instead assures the guard of his good intentions and desire to help, saying,

So tell us if what we have heard is true
about this threat, whatever it is,
this danger abroad in the dark nights,
this corpse-maker mongering death
in the Shieldings' country. I come to proffer
my wholehearted help and counsel
I can show the wise Hrothgar a way
to defeat his enemy and find respite--
if any respite is to reach him, ever.
I can calm the turmoil and terror in his mind.
Otherwise, he must endure woes
and live with grief for as long as his hall
stands at the horizon, on its high ground.

That's good enough for the guard, who agrees to take the band to Hrothgar. It seems that even monster slaying requires diplomacy.

WHILE UNION SUPPORTERS STRUGGLE, President Obama is keeping a low profile. Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin, a crank Koch call to the governor has made some headlines.

THE LATEST BAD IDEA: turning Medicaid into a block grant program.


A LITTLE WV NEWS. Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin is calling for raising eligibility for the Children's Health Insurance Program from 250 to 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

NOTE TO SELF: in event of an attempt to shoplift a chainsaw, don't attempt to conceal it in pants.



Zachary Sovine said...

Since this is your kinda thing we need to spread the word to Support HB 3251. Lets not continue being the last state to do everything and allow/regulate medical marijuana here in WV. Mainly because I believe I can quallify for it.

El Cabrero said...

I'm with you on that. Jeez, if you can get a prescription for oxy...

It looks like the clock has run out on that one (as on some of the ones I was hoping would move).

Hollowdweller said...

Really. The war on drugs was won.
The pharmaceutical companies won it!

If as much crime, death and dismemberment was stemming from some illegal substance as has prescription drugs in WV the federal bucks would be pouring in.

Zachary Sovine said...

It is sad that in a world with as much information as we have that we stay so close minded.
Hollowdweller: Amen! The war on illegal drugs is a joke. I can take you places. The drugs of choice in the tristate are oxy, roxy, opan, loritab. Sorry but marijuana is medicinal.