February 14, 2011

A matter of perspective

The weather is supposed to be a good bit milder this week, but all in all it seems to me that this winter has taken itself entirely too seriously. As much as I've complained about the weather the last few months, however, these pictures send last week from the in-laws in Vermont put things into perspective. Maybe things haven't been so bad here after all.

(The Beowulf jag resumes tomorrow...)

GET READY TO RUMBLE. President Obama's proposed budget is going to call for deep cuts in many programs, including heating assistance for low income Americans. Congressional Republicans are going to push for even more draconian measures.

HOME HEAT. Kudos to WV Senator Jay Rockefeller for opposing cuts in programs that get many low income people through the winter.

SERVING UP THE FUTURE. Here's Paul Krugman on proposed budget cuts.

MANDATE? Here's an interesting Pew survey on what Americans really think about cutting the federal budget.

JUST DO IT. Here's an item from the WV News Service about modernizing West Virginia's unemployment insurance system. A bill now under consideration in the state senate (SB 310) would draw down $22 million in federal money if the state extends eligibility to people who need it but can't get it.


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