November 11, 2010

Drawing a line in the sand

I just got back from a policy wonk conference, a major theme of which was how the recent election will affect people with low and moderate incomes.

Yeah, it was a downer.

I would have posted regularly from there, but I was drawing a line in the sand. Can someone explain to me why it is that you can go to a motel in East Hell, West Virginia and have free internet and even a chance at an exercise room, but if you go to an expensive city hotel where a night costs the same as a week in the other place you have to pay through the nose for such amenities?

(I dare you to diagram that sentence.)

Anyhow, I decided to stand on principle. Or to be cheap anyway.

ALL HANDS ON DECK. It's going to take a huge effort to extend unemployment benefits in congress. Please pile on.

BIGGER THAN EVER. Coal, that is.

DEFICIT WARS. Get ready.


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