October 04, 2010

One Nation

I'm still in the process of unkinking my back and neck--not to mention catching up with sleep, but I'm glad I attended the One Nation Working Together march and rally in Washington this weekend.

There were all kinds of people there, which was nice. If there was an overall theme, aside from the obvious one of gearing up to keep fighting for social justice, it had to be "Hope not hate."

I didn't hear many of the speeches as I decided to act like a dutiful worker for once and help staff an information table for the American Friends Service Committee way out of earshot.

There were all kinds of signs there, but this one was the strangest. I found it in a out of the way place after the rally was over. In case you have trouble reading it, it says, "Yo Hillbilly At $14 an hour you can't run with billionaires."

I kind of wonder if this is some kind of oracular statement directed at me, such as once came from the priestesses of Apollo at Delphi...Probably not, since the likelihood of me having the opportunity or desire to run with billionaires is very small.

GOOD INVESTMENTS. Paul Krugman takes a look at Fox Party candidates here.

NO SURPRISE DEPARTMENT. The gap between those with more and those with less continues to grow.

THINGS PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE WILL HATE US FOR. Here's the beginning of a list.

JUST FOR FUN, here's a right wing guide to American history.


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