September 01, 2010

Nature and nurture

Random animal picture.

For the past week or so, I've been thinking and blogging first about human evolution and lately about political and social ideas. I'm about to wade into the murky swamp where these may or may not overlap.

As I mentioned here yesterday, one difference between the political left and right has to do with their respective views of human nature. Those on the right tend to view it as something fixed, whereas those on the left tend to see it as something malleable and shaped by social conditioning.

It seems to me that there's a little truth in both--although both views when taken to extreme have done a lot of harm. Radical utopians after a number of revolutions have killed or harmed lots of people in misguided efforts aimed at moulding new and better people. Those on the other end of the spectrum have likewise done lots of harm, using their fixed view of human nature to justify class, caste, gender, racial, ethnic and colonial domination.

AFTER UNEMPLOYMENT, new jobs often pay less.

WHAT NEW JOBS? Here's a look at what kind of jobs are opening up in the post-recession private sector.

UNEMPLOYMENT. Here's Robert Reich on why it's civilized to extend unemployment benefits.

PARTY ON. The first known example of collective feasting amongst early humans (s0 far) happened around 12,000 years ago. I'll bet they really started long before then.


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hollowdweller said...

What kind of jobs.....

It's sort of sad that a lot of those lower paying service jobs that article you linked to talks about, that really can't be outsourced pay so low.

Sad to say but in a lot of ways immigration, legal and illegal has pretty much kept those sort of salaries low and effectively prevented most of them from paying as much as the could if they were unionized.

In the absence of these jobs being able to be unionized I'm wondering if the best stimulus that we could have right now would be to up the minimum wage to about $12 an hour.