September 20, 2010

Best. Sign. Ever.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the words on this picture should be worth a good deal more. We ran across this sign whilst taking the back way to the farm on a hay run. We did not see the deaf dog or a whole lot of butterflies, but the sign was enough.

There's no way I can top content with commentary, so I'll quit while I'm ahead.

"SACRIFICE IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE." Paul Krugman discusses the rage of the rich here.

ONE TO WATCH. Dust samples from Massey's Upper Big Branch mine failed to meet standards.

HEALTH CARE AND WHACKADOODLEISM are addressed in this op-ed by yours truly.

THIS IS WHAT I'M SCREAMING. This AP article discusses how WV could bolster its unemployment insurance fund by modernizing the system.

MEANS AND ENDS are among the themes of the latest edition of the Rev. Jim Lewis' Notes from Under the Fig Tree.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, we actually have a few figs from the trees at Goat Rope Farm. The trees are pretty small, however, and it would be hard to sit under them and write.


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