April 27, 2010

Tea thoughts

I overheard an interesting conversation regarding tea partiers recently. A friend who returned from a trip to Washington that coincided with a tea party event noted that many of them were staying in an upscale hotel and seemed to be eligible for socialistic public benefits like Medicare and Social Security.

On more than one occasion, I have heard of tea partiers whose family members received Social Security and/or SSI disability payments.

I suppose consistency is a bit too much to ask for these days. But another friend said that she'd take them a bit more seriously if they renounced their checks and public health care benefits.

Meanwhile, this blog post asks how the media and the public would react if the tea partiers were black and acted the same way.

MORE ON THE MINE DISASTER. This item appeared in last Friday's Washington Post. Meanwhile, Massey Energy struck back yesterday in its defense.

I WASN'T BORED-I WAS COOLING MY BRAIN. Apparently, that's what yawning does.

GET DIRTY. From Alternet, here are tips on the 10 easiest vegetables to grow. So far at Goat Rope Farm, we've got lettuce, spinach (not quite ready), arugula, and radishes. Peas are in and garlic has been on the way since winter time.

GOOD GRIEF. Chimpanzees mourn their dead.



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