April 24, 2010

Now that's something to think about

An out-of-state fire hydrant. Come to think of it, this one does look better than some I've seen around here.

El Cabrero has made it a practice to scan the vent lines of the local newspaper for words of wisdom and enlightenment. I'm not sure how common these are around the country, but the Charleston papers have a phone number you can call and say a few words about just about anything.

And people do.

Here's the winner for this week:

Why does West Virginia have such ugly fire hydrants? Isn't this something that would be relatively easy to fix?

Another burning issue for our times...

1 comment:

被リンクサービス said...

There's a fire hydrant in front of our shop, but when our shop was caught in fire, no water came out from it, god damn!