March 06, 2010

Deep questions and transcendental wisdom

Arpad thinks deep thoughts.

The ancient Greeks sought for wisdom and counsel from the oracle of the god Apollo at Delphi. Here at Goat Rope Farm, we go to the vent section of the newspaper. There were some real howlers this week.

Here's one from last Wednesday:

After the Northeast voted for Obama, God really sent the snow for punishment.

God must have been mad at Dallas, Texas about something else when a record storm hit there last month.

There were some keepers in Thursday's paper as well. Here's a question to ponder:

Could someone tell me where in the Bible it says that a pastor can tell the ladies of the church not to participate in an exercise class based on dance moves?

I'm thinking maybe Leviticus or Numbers...

I've saved the best, however, for last:

It seems like everything has been cut down in size, even our toilet paper. That's not working out.

Now that's one to meditate on.

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