March 13, 2010

Big, smoky and orange

Random animal picture.

The phone in vent section of our local newspaper is a constant source of entertainment and enlightenment. Here are three of my favorites for the week. There seems to be a food theme going on.

First, there's the thick and thin of it:

There are skinny people where the food just won't stick to them no matter how much they eat. As far as someone being obese, that doesn't come from nowhere, they had to have been eating too much.

There there's Girl Scout cookies and childhood memories:

Girl Scouts, your cookies haven't shrunk, we all just grew up. When I was young, I remember I caught a bluegill that was longer than I was wide. Haven't done it lately.

I had a similar experience as a kid, when I hooked a crawdad and thought there was a whopper on the line.

But the winner for the week has to be this one:

What weighs 300 pounds, smokes, and is colored orange? A West Virginia, according to recent news reports that West Virginia leads the nation in obesity, smoking and tanning bed usage.

Now that's an image that sticks in your head.


Chrissie said...

I was a little afraid the 300-lb. smoking orange was going to be a dig at Syracuse University's basketball team...

El Cabrero said...

I'm glad to relieve that problem. How are you doing these days?