December 17, 2009

Catching the wave

The eminent philosopher Tom Petty was right: the waiting is the hardest part. But it also seems to be an indispensable part of working for social change. It's like learning to fall in judo--if you aren't willing to do it you might as well stay off the mat.

As an analyst told political scientist John Kingdon in Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies,

When you lobby for something, what you have to do is put together your coalition, you have to gear up, you have to get your political forces in line, and then you sit there and wait for the fortuitous event....As I see it, people who are trying to advocate change are like surfers waiting for the big wave. You get out there, you have to be ready to go, you have to be ready to paddle. If you're not ready to paddle when the big wave comes along, you're not going to ride it in.

That pretty much says it all.

SPEAKING OF GOAT ROPES, how 'bout the health care mess in the Senate?

AS DISAPPOINTING AS THE SENATE BILL IS, it would be huge for El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Here's labor's five point plan for generating them.

TICKING CLOCK. Jobless workers are about to lose health insurance subsidies unless those are extended.

HOW'S THE FISHING? A big planet with lots of water has been found not too far away (in cosmic terms).



Hollowdweller said...

I think that so many people worked so hard for Obama to win that they forgot that Democrats always take their base for granted and sell them out.

Unions are the worst at this. For instance despite being opposed by every public employees union Gov. Underwood gave us more money than any of his democratic predecessors or those who came after him. But the AFL CIO and even worse AFSCME once again supported the democrat.

I think Obamas urgency is after bailing out the bankers, making more war, and in general selling out his base for the past year he needs congress to pass SOMETHING by his state of the union address so he can hold up the huge SOWS EAR and declare it a SILK PURSE!!!!He had great speechmaking skills but I'm not sure even HE can do it.

Maybe he should quit sucking up to the right wing and corporate interests and focus on passing The Employee Free Choice Act instead. Then we would not have to devise elaborate ways to subsidize health care for employess of big business. They would be able to organize, strike and get these benefits for themselves!!!

El Cabrero said...

I'm down with EFCA all the way. I just wonder how the Senate will screw that one up...