November 19, 2009

Two bad ideas

Two bad dogs.

It occurs to El Cabrero after reflecting on human history that two really bad ideas have shown up over and over and done lots of harm.

The first one is the belief that we can do X to Y and it will be over and there will be no consequences.

The second is that we can do whatever we want over here and it will have no effect anywhere else.

Does the Gentle Reader have any other suggestions?

IT'S ALIVE. There is movement on health care reform in the US Senate.

AND SO IS support for a public option in health care reform.

SPEAKING OF HEALTH, coal may not be all that good for it.

THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY may have been heart disease.



The Hermit said...

Humans are superior to other animals.

hollowdweller said...

I always say:

"People don't know what they what they really want. They only truly know what they don't want"

The Bhagavad Gita says:

"By passion for the “pairs of opposites,”
By those twain snares of Like and Dislike, Prince!
All creatures live bewildered, save some few
Who, quit of sins, holy in act, informed,
Freed from the “opposites,” and fixed in faith,
Cleave unto Me. "

The Tao says:

"Since the world points up beauty as such,
There is ugliness too.
If goodness is taken as goodness,
Wickedness enters as well.

For is and is-not come together;
Hard and easy are complementary;
Long and short are relative;
High and low are comparative;
Pitch and sound make harmony;
Before and after are a sequence."

People always think that things are one way or another when they are really a mixture.

That all they have to do is THIS and the big tit is going to drop out of the sky and everything is gong to be hunky dory forever.

So they become entranced with something they think is going to be the "magic bullet" but everything has a shadow side, has work associated with it and when that part comes then they know they don't want that and move onto the next big thing.

But people are deluded about the mixed nature of things IMO.

There is that one line in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus:

" Whatever is below is similar to that which is above. Through this the marvels of the work of one thing are procured and perfected"

I always sort of took that last one as maybe the more you hung on to that one thing in the world, despite the good and the bad in it the more you were truly on the path rather than going from one thing to the next seeking perfection or ecstacy. If as the buddhists believe life on earth is ever changing, then maybe the more you hang onto something regardless of the hard things or shadow side the more you are emulating the unchanging above?

Must have had too much coffee or something ;-)