August 25, 2009

The word for the month is...

Caption: Are these innocent tomatoes or evil aliens?

...whackadoodle. It can serve as either a noun or adjective and works really well with:

*conspiracy theories about the alleged Kenyan birth of a certain elected official;

*pants on fire allegations about "death panels";

*baseless rumors about a massive round of federally funded--or mandated--abortions;

*the idea that a public health care option (which already exists in several forms, including Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration; TriCare for military families, etc.) amounts to Soviet-style collectivism;

and any number of related scenarios about health care reform.

Here's an antidote to health care whackadoodleism.

AND HERE'S MORE on the same subject from the New Yorker.

SINCE WE'RE SORT OF TALKING ABOUT psychology, here's something from the American Psychological Association about why many people aren't taking climate change seriously enough.

OH GOOD...militias are back.

TO SLEEP, PERCHANCE TO DREAM. This item looks at the biological and evolutionary functions of sleep.


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