August 08, 2009

Weekend special from Goat Rope's Commissar of Public Safety

It has long been the practice of this blog to provide occasional weekend space for the animals in and around Goat Rope Farm. This week, we intended to feature the deep thoughts of Arpad, our official Commissar of Public Safety.

Arpad, right, has been a resident at the farm for over a year (when not hanging out down the holler with his Platonic girlfriend Smiley, also pictured).

Commissar Arpad has been a devoted protector of all life forms on the farm against all enemies, with the exception of said girlfriend, who has run through a string of chickens in her time. Any other predator, however, would be toast.

Smiley is currently in chicken-killing rehab and has managed to stay clean for several weeks.

We regret to say that we must delay sharing Arpad's deep thoughts until he has any.

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hollowdweller said...

It's been the same since Adam.