August 18, 2009

A little fudging

The posts this week were prepared in advance and don't have any links or comments about current events as El Cabrero is on furlough.

The theme is books, and specifically the top 10 that had the biggest impact on me growing up (i.e. not necessarily the ones I enjoyed the most or agreed with).

Recap: 1. Bible 2. Book of Common Prayer 3. Poe's stories and poems 4. Lord of the Rings 5. Tao Te Ching 6. Karate-Do Kyohan and...

7. A tie between Freud and Jung. Sometime late in high school and I discovered the ideas of Freud and Jung. And it stoned me. I think I first found Man and His Symbols by Jung and co. (although I don't think he really wrote much of it) and was totally engrossed. It had all kinds of cool illustrations and rambled over history, mythology, dreams, art and the kitchen sink. I outgrew Jung before too long but it was a nice stage.

My love for Freud was to be more enduring. I hit his books shortly after Jung's and was particularly blown away by The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, which covered slips of the tongue, mistaken actions and all the other ways the unconscious pops out at inconvenient moments. I'm not an orthodox Freudian, but have a permanent soft spot for the old man.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...but sometimes it's not.

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