July 25, 2009

Something positive

If these walls could talk...

Back in 2007, news flashed around the country and the world about a horrific torture case involving an African American woman, Megan Williams, in Logan County WV.

At the time, many people in Logan, black and white, were horrified by the event and determined to do something to show that this didn't represent their community. They held an inter-racial prayer vigil at a church near where the crime took place after a white preacher offered to host the event.

But that wasn't all. Community members and groups like the American Friends Service Committee decided to do something with a more lasting impact. They joined together across lines of class and race to build a home for two elderly sisters in the county who lived in an unsafe and inaccessible house.

The whole process took a long time to complete and wasn't pretty at times, but it got done. This weekend, that home is being dedicated.

You can read or hear more about it from WV Public Radio here.

Sometimes, with hard work, patience and luck, people can bring about something positive in the wake of something negative.

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