January 22, 2009

Starting a list

She's got a pretty long list of her own.

One night this week I was invited to talk to a graduate social work class about "the failure of conservative economic policy." It was one of those where-do-you-start moments.

The chance to rant on that topic generated any number of thoughts, but for starters, it made me think about the need to compile a list of Things The Human Race Should Have Figured Out By the End of the Twentieth Century.

Here the first two items for the list:

*Stalinist centralized command economies don't work very well; and

*neither does un- or under regulated capitalism.

There will be way more to come on that list but that's a start.

LOOKING BACK. Harper's Index provides an interesting retrospective look at the Bush era. It's really worth a look.

MORE ON THE NEW NEW DEAL. Here's a fond look back at Depression-era public works projects and what we can learn from them.

STATE OF THE STATES: not good, but federal aid during a recession can help, as this snapshot from the Economic Policy Institute shows.

MORE EVIDENCE of global warming has been found in Antarctica.



Debbie Courson Smith said...

Wel...that list looks pretty complete, really.

El Cabrero said...

Thanks, but you know how it is once you get started on something. If you have any suggestions or additions, please let me know!