June 27, 2008


Sistine Chapel version of Jonah, courtesy of wikipedia.

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If the biblical character Jonah happened to compete in a beauty pageant, he would probably not win the Miss Congeniality award. He's grumpy, quarrelsome and disobedient. He tries (unsuccessfully) to escape to the ends of the earth to avoid the prophetic call. He gets all bent out of shape because God didn't wipe out the city of Nineveh, yet he throws a hissy fit after his beloved gourd vine dies.

I love him. And I think we need more people like him.

Allow El Cabrero to explain. Our world is all too full of people who think they have a message from God to deliver. And you know what? Most of the time, they don't. Maybe we should make a new rule: if we think the universe wants us to deliver a message, we should try to resist it as long as possible. If we try to escape to the ends of the earth to avoid it and still can't (with some kind of great fish adventure in between), then maybe, just maybe, we really have something to say. Otherwise, it was probably just us.

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