May 10, 2008


I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us — don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

Emily Dickinson


elme said...

(Sorry for posting off-topic. Does it help that I love Emily dickenson & know the poem by heart?)

I saw on my TV screen last week an MSNBC pundit actually screeching these words:

"Why doesn't SHE JUST GET OUT! The MEDIA has already PROCLAIMED
HIM the winner!"

Oh, excuse me, WHEN did The MEDIA become SOVEREIGN in the U.S?
WE THE PEOPLE are Sovereign.

Sound the ALARM in every City, Town, Village, and Farm!

(Your copy of an email I am sending to all our CongressPeople Today.)

1*********EXTREME WARNING***********
*** to ALL DEMOCRAT Senators & Representatives****


Do NOT Allow REPUBLICANS Voting in the CAUCUS states to "choose" our Candidate.

IF YOU Throw this Election to the Republicans BY: Nominating the REPUBLICAN"S Choice AS "our" Candidate---The Democratic Party IS HISORY---and YOU will be OUT.

TABOO words the MEDIA does not Mention:
Cheney Energy Bill/
Rezko Trial

Quoting Obama: "The American people deserve honest answers. They should know the truth." He's right.

QUESTIONS All of US should be ASKING The MEDIA ...Every Way We Can:
Phone, Fax, email, post, blog...AND Asking ALL your Congress people/SuperDelegates.


1. WHY isn't THE MEDIA providing ANY NEWS Coverage of The BIGGEST---ENERGY---ISSUE/ Decision of our time? i.e. Are WE going to LET Cheney, GE, Westinghouse et al, Build 29 New nuclear power plants, or Not? Why Should we? Why Shouldn't we?

ANSWER: The TV MEDIA isn't providing any NEWS coverage of one of the BIGGEST ISSUES of our time --- BECAUSE:the BUILDERS of those nuke power plants will be GE, Westinghouse, Excelon Corp. of Illinois, Entergy; 3 Consortiums of nuke industy companies...
... and .... GE owns NBC/MSNBC, Westinghouse owns CBS...
PLUS-(GE, 2nd largest corp. on the planet), and Westinghouse have $BILLIONS of Adverising $$$ to spend in EVERY FORM OF MEDIA. they don't own.)

i.e. The NEWS you GET to SEE & HEAR on TV is the "news" GE/Westinghouse et al...WANT You to SEE and Hear. THEY do NOT want YOU to KNOW Anything about The Cheney Energy Bill.

2. What's the Cheney Energy Bill all about?

ANSWER: The Cheney Energy Bill was passed in 2005 (H.R. 6). McCain Voted FOR it. Obama Voted FOR it. Clinton Voted AGAINST it. i.e. McCain & Obama already SOLD OUT to the nuke industry in 2005. Clinton did not: will not.

The Cheney Energy Bill decreed that US Taxpayers would REPAY any of the Nuke Building LOANS that DEFAULT. (The Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default at 50% or greater.)
No new nukes were built for the past 30 years because the banks wouldn't loan the money--too risky.

Why Should we build nukes?

ANSWER: There is NO Good Reason on earth for US to build nukes. We NEED De-Centralized, Clean, Renewable, INEXPENSIVE New ENERGY Technology. Nukes are NONE OF THE ABOVE. There's PLENTY of excellent NEW Technology that will fill the bill...given greater INVESTMENT in that NEW Technology.

Why Shouldn't we build nukes?

ANSWER: Nukes are OBSOLETE 70-Year OLD Technology. WE already have a 50 YEAR NIGHTMARE Legacy of MILLIONS of TONS and BILLIONS of Gallons of NUKE WASTE all over the USA in leaking tanks, crumbling buildings, contaminated rivers and groundwater...just GOOGLE: Rocky Flats Denver Plutonium, and, Hanford WA nuclear waste...and READ about the NIGHTMARE that = nuke waste.

ALL the Nuke waste dumps are CLOSED. The nuke waste at the 100-Plus nuke reactors we already have has been stored ON-SITE for DECADES. All of them represent Terrorist TARGETS of opportunity & potentially catastrophic accidents waiting to happen.

3. Why isn't the TV MEDIA providing ANY NEWS coverage of the Rezko trial? Why did NONE of the TV MEDIA even mention last week's SENSATIONAL Court Testimony that:

Rezko told two of his associates (2 yrs ago) that the prosecutor in the Rezko case (Patrick Fitzgerald) was going to be fired to stop the criminal prosecution of Rezko.

ANSWER: GE, Westinghouse, et al = the Corporate Controllers of the Corporate-Controlled MEDIA. They will not be covering any NEWS from the Rezko Trial--UNTIL--AFTER Obama gets the Nomination.

The so-called "left wing" AND "right wing" MEDIA have ALL been PUSHING FOR and PROMOTING Obama on TV everyday since last November. Their GOAL is to get Obama nominated, THEN Start reporting the REAL News/REAL DIRT the FBI has been gathering on Obama, Rezko, Auichi, Alsammarae for more than 4 years

5. Here's some Words the MEDIA says A LOT: Obama hasn't been VETTED.

QUESTION: WHY Not?? HOW can the "news" MEDIA keep repeating that FACT.. without it ever occurring to them it's THEIR JOB to VET HIM; withut NOTICING They Haven't Done it?

ANSWER: The NEWS MEDIA'S--JOB--isn't to Report the News; not anymore. Their JOB is to Put out WHATEVER Propaganda their Corporation wants to SELL to the American make MORE MONEY.

ALL the "faux" "journalists/reporters" on MSNBC, et al are now Media "Stars" making $Millions per year to Convince YOU of anything their Corporate Masters WANT you to Believe.

QUESTION: Why hasn't he been VETTED by the Democratic Party Leaders?

ANSWER: MONEY. The Democrat party leaders already KNOW most of the Real News/REAL DIRT the Republican Party will Spring on Obama as soon as he's nominated, but, a whole lot of them are SELL-OUTS to the same Big Corporations that are running McCain&/Obama for President.

Many of the smaller fry...a whole LOT of the Congress People/SuperDelegates are already bought and paid for.

Obama Formed HIS Own PAC. The military-industrial complex, insurance companies, drug companies, Wall Street, etc. already put their cash into his PAC---before he started running. THEN Obama's PAC made a whole lot of "campaign contributions" to a WHOLE LOT of his fellow Congressmen & Senators/SUPERDELEGATES.

i.e. THE FIX was IN -- BEFORE he even started running.

[You have to greatly admire the extreme fortitude, Honesty, and GUTS of ALL the DEMOCRATIC CongressPeople/ SUPERDELEGATES who are STILL Standing AGAINST CHENEY/GE/Westinghouse/

MOST Americans have now RECOGNIZED that the Republican Party is their ENEMY. WE the People Threw a WHOLE LOT of those bums OUT in the 2006 Congressional elections. Millions of us also Screamed, yelled, phoned, wrote, and emailed Congress & WE succeeded in STOPPING the Dubai Ports Deal.

What YOU can do to STOP the Democrat Party SELL-OUTS from giving Obama the nomination and throwing this election to the Republicans:Phone, fax, email, write, to your Congresspeople & Senators/SUPERDELEGATES:

*****DEMAND that they VOTE to Nominate CLINTON*****

INFORM them that those who SELL OUT the Democratic Party and the Majority of the population of the United States---by Voting to nominate the FAKE Obama candidate--will be duly noted and thrown out of office at the earliest opportunity.

**DEMAND that they FAIL to nominate THE Candidate who HAS NOT BEEN VETTED**

*Tell them "The MATH" does NOT Add Up*

WITH two to five times more MONEY than Clinton, and the FULL SUPPORT of--ALL---the TV MEDIA--Obama is less than 1% ahead in the pledged delegate count and the popular vote count--Proving beyond any question that CLINTON is BY FAR the Strongest CANDIDATE:BEST PRESIDENT.

Tell them: The ACTUAL number of VOTES cast by INDIVIDUALS - does NOT correspond to the Pledged Delegate TOTALS, or the popular vote TOTALS given that; the Caucus states do not even have to report ACTUAL Vote Totals and in many cases Have NOT Reported vote totals; & given the EXTRA Delegates AWARDED in some precincts.

i.e. The "Criteria" by which Obma (Falsely) Claims that Superdelegates voting Clinton in as the nominee... goes against "the will of the people" and "TAKES the Nomination Away" from him is SPECIOUS and FALSE on its Face, and the SuperDelegates know it.

A. The Pledged delegate count and the popular vote totals are not TRUE Totals reflecting the will of the people. They are drastically SKEWED by the caucus states and the amazing, intricate, Democrat party rules.

The ACTUAL Real PRIMARY Vote Totals ARE a true reflection of the will of the people, and that WILL = Clinton for President.

B. Obama Does Not HAVE the Nomination;
the SuperDelegates can't TAKE AWAY something Obama does not possess.

Obama has not EARNED or DESERVED the nomination. Clinton EARNED IT: Clinton DESERVES IT. Clinton WILL WIN.

... cut, copy, paste--use any or all of this message, or write your own... AND Send to everyone on your email list & ask THEM to email it to everyone on their email list...
IF Most of the people on your email list ... & their email list...WILL do that AND Phone, fax, write, email their Congresspeople & Senators... POST on blogs: Local, State, National --TV "news", newspapers, radio, colleges-- & (posting as much as possible in all the Upcoming PRIMARY States).

WE THE PEOPLE can CHANGE the dastardly direction this election is headed:

WE WILL GET the Clintons back in the White House;
RE-GAIN Good Government; RE-GAIN a better future for our children and grandchildren;
RE-GAIN the Trust and Respect of the rest of the nations and peoples of OUR WORLD... just like WE THE PEOPLE
--STOPPED-- the Dubai Ports deal.

More Obama INFO: Post this REAL News everywhere you can:

His campaign is based on ONE BIG LIE:
*Working across the Aisles to bring

OBAMA = NO Experience

Obama claims 7 years experience in the Illinois legislature -Working Across the Aisles, Bringing people together to get good CHANGES passed-as exemplified by 26 good bills with his name on them.

A Chicago reporter says all 26 bills were passed in ONE Year and they were NOT Obama's.

But what’s interesting, and almost never discussed, is that he built his entire legislative record in Illinois in a single year.

Republicans controlled the Illinois General Assembly for six years of Obama’s seven-year tenure.

Then Emil Jones Jr. (became the Senate Majority leader), He became Obama’s kingmaker.

Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills
During his seventh year in the state Senate, Obama ... sponsored a whopping 26 bills including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced.


(In his book "Audacity of Hope" Obama wrote:

Quote: "After two terms during which I labored in the minority, Democrats had gained control of the state senate, and I had subsequently passed a slew of bills, from reforms of the Illinois death penalty system to an expansion of the state’s health program for kids."

. . . . .Thereby Confirming:
Democrats had Majority Control of the Illinois Senate when those bills were passed. They were passed during his last year in the Illinois Senate.)

Dick Cheney has Pulled Off,
and, made US PAY for:

Energy Ripoff # 1: ENRON: Electricity Rates
Energy Ripoff # 2: Oil & Gas:Market Manipulation
Ripoff #3: Iraq War

Let's ALL Get Together and STOP Cheney's NEXT Big
Energy Ripoff #4: Nuclear power plants


Anonymous said...

I luv froggies.

El Cabrero said...

You oughta hear 'em singing around the farm these days. I think they're wanting something...