July 06, 2007


Caption: These are good kitties.

Yesterday's post included a parable from the ancient Chinese Taoist sage Chuang Tzu. Here's another for good measure on the art of dealing with people...oh, yeah, and tigers too.

The basic idea is that if one takes into account the nature of those with whom one is interacting the outcomes will be better. The example is one of a trainer of tigers. Obviously, this can be a dangeous profession, particularly if one doesn't take their nature into consideration. Here's a suggestion on how to do it right:

Do you know how a tiger trainer works? He does not risk feeding the tigers live animals for fear of arousing their ferocity as they kill. He does not risk feeding them whole animals for fear of arousing their anger as they tear them apart. He knows when the tigers are hungry and when they are full; thereby he is in touch with their fierce nature. Tigers are a different species from man, yet by observing their ways, one can train them to be gentle. They will kill only when aroused.

Note to self: try not to feed the tigers live food...unless it really seems like the right thing to do at the time.

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS FOR WV. The right wing noise machine in El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia seems fixated on the idea that everything is bad here all the time. Perhaps they might wish to relocate?

Here's a little good news:

New data shows the average West Virginia worker earned nearly $1,400 more last year.

Workforce West Virginia says that 4.4 percent increase pushed the average worker's earnings above $32,700 last year.

George Hammond with West Virginia University's Bureau of Business and Economics says that's the state's fastest growth rate since 1990.

NO GLOBAL WARMING AROUND HERE, BOSS... Another canary in the old coal mine just went down:

Scientists on Tuesday blamed global warming for the disappearance of a glacial lake in remote southern Chile that faded away in just two months, leaving just a crater behind.

The disappearance of the lake in Bernardo O'Higgins National Park was discovered in late May by park rangers, who were stunned to find a 130-foot deep crater where a large lake had been.

After flying over the lake Monday scientists said they were able to draw preliminary conclusions that point to climate change as the leading culprit for the lake's disappearance.

MASSEY HIT BY SHAREHOLDER LAWSUIT. This should be fun to watch. Paragraph from the middle of Ken Ward's Gazette article:

The suit alleges a “conscious failure” by Massey management “to comply with applicable environmental and worker-safety laws and regulations.” It says failure has “caused and will continue to cause severe injury to the company by consciously ignoring Massey Energy’s legal obligations to comply with federal and state law, thereby exposing the company to a substantial threat of monetary liability for violations.”

Among other things, the suit cites a recent federal lawsuit over repeated water pollution violations, hefty fines for the deaths of two miners in the Aracoma Mine fire, and a nearly $2 million verdict against Massey for firing a worker who complained about safety problems.



thinkulous said...

Man, you guys have one rockin' farm. Big cats and *everything!*

El Cabrero said...

I wish. Maybe having some tigers around would put the fear of God into the goats...but I doubt it.

Bon said...

Note to self: try not to feed the tigers live food...unless it really seems like [its a choice between me and the live food].

El Cabrero said...

That might be one of those times now that you mention it.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our diplomats knew (and cared) as much about those peoples with whom they are negotiating as tiger trainers know (and care about) tigers?

El Cabrero said...

That WOULD be a change for the better, especially these days!