December 22, 2006


Caption: Venus volunteered to help Santa deliver toys in a car. Warning: don't try this at home. Only professionally trained goats should operate motor vehicles.

This is the fourth and final installment on the
bogus "war on Christmas," which El Cabrero stoutly maintains is a diabolically clever distraction in the merciless war of extermination on Groundhog Day.

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It was encouraging last year to read a thoughtful letter to the editor about Christmas in the Huntington West Virginia paper where it was suggested that we make it unacceptable to “use this holy day as a means of profit monetarily.”

Instead, the writer recommended that “If you want to give, give your time and talents to those who truly are in need, not greed. Give to your church and the poor, the homeless, the sick and inform, the lonely and downtrodden and all others who otherwise may be or have been forgotten.”

If people took that advice, they’d be too busy to get their undergarments in a knot over holiday greetings. We really don’t need any more jihads.

I’m already starting my wish list for next Christmas. I’m asking St. Nicholas, the 4th century bishop of Myra who somehow got morphed into Santa Claus, to help the Christmas jihad crew find something better to do next holiday season.

Or, failing that, to find them a different religion to disgrace.

And, by the way, y'all have a good one.



Anonymous said...

El Cabrero, this isn't really a comment, but a request for YOU to comment some time on the proposed U.S. Department of Peace. I had no idea there are bills in the House and the Senate to create such a department. Altho it looks like it would address domestic and gang violence and child abuse, rather than poverty-related problems per se, it sounds possibly worthwhile. Your thoughts?? Just another bureaucracy??

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’ll join you in your request to Saint Nicholas!