June 21, 2019

Doing the math

If you're trying to calculate the butcher's bill from the WV Legislature's special session on education--which isn't over yet--WVEA has put together a good summary. Yes, we lost on charter schools, although the house version doesn't permit an unlimited number.

But the massive effort by teachers, service workers, students, parents, and community members to fight off the worst changes of senate bill did a lot of damage control. Punitive anti-strike provisions were taken out. Over the last year, people have still fought off the so-called "paycheck protection" provision.

Other not terrible provisions include a pay raise for teachers and school support workers, some increase in faculty, an increase in personal days from three to four, a sick leave bonus, and increase in the faculty senate allotment to $300 per teacher.

I think all eyes need to be on the senate to make sure no funny business goes on.There will be a huge need to raise awareness over the next year to prepare for the next session, not to mention the 2020 elections. Everyone knows by now that elections have consequences.