February 04, 2016

What's next?

I'm thinking about starting a betting pool about what bills might gain traction in the WV legislature.  Upon considering things like this and this and this, I'm thinking about putting money on a bill that would not require teachers in WV's new charter schools to be literate provided they hated gay people enough.

February 01, 2016

Hitting bottom would be nice

The climate at the WV legislature this year reminds me of the lyrics of a John Prine song:

"We're goin' down down down to the bottom of a hole in the ground/smoke em if you've got em."

At this point hitting bottom would be nice since it would mean things wouldn't get much worse.

I'm going to share several items from the Gazette-Mail that tell the story.

FIRST, there's this Statehouse Beat column of Phil Kabler that lays things out pretty well. See especially the part about the hypocrisy behind the Republican leadership's anti-labor moves and the bogus WVU study.

MEANWHILE, I just love it when well-fed and well-paid outsiders urge leaders to take food from the mouths of hungry people. I have a feeling the guy who wrote this hasn't missed too many meals. 
It's almost as good as when Koch brother-funded hacks urge the abolition of public broadcasting. My friend Scott Finn had this to say about that.

HOW DO YOU TOP ALL THAT? Maybe totally screwing up public education for good.

These are only a few more reasons behind my campaign to change the state motto to "you can't make this **** up."