June 03, 2015

Suffix space available

This blog was once known for its steady stream of gratuitous animal pictures, a practice that has largely fallen by the wayside. To partially remedy that situation, allow me to introduce the latest piece of exercise equipment to be added to our menageria, a rescued boxer pup named Bo.

The good thing about such a name is the almost infinite variations. Some of my favorites are Botox, Bolo, Bogusziti, Beauregard, Beau Gest, Bodhidharma (not very often), Bogo, Bogomil, etc.

Sometimes, though, I just call him Hellboy.

Note: meaningful social commentary resumes next time around. Maybe. 

June 01, 2015

Talking sense about West Virginia

I'm not saying it doesn't happen very often, but I'm always glad when it does. Here's a article from the State Journal that talks sense about higher education, taxes and the state budget. And then Ken Ward at Coal Tattoo tries to do the same on a bit of a tender subject these days.