September 19, 2012

47 99 1

Some days are better than others for presidential contender Mitt Romney. I am referring, of course, to his now famous discourse on the whole 47 percent, think of themselves as victims, depend on government, his job not to worry about them thing.

Without worrying about Mitt's math or the tax thing (read more about that  here), I must admit that I probably come from one of those families it is his job not to worry about. I mean my father, a WWII combat veteran who was wounded more than once, depended on the government for VA medical care, Social Security, and Medicare. My mother was a public school teacher, which I guess means she was on the dole her entire working career. She depended on government provided health care and pensions, along with the whole Social Security and Medicare thing.

I guess I'm a victim too. I attended public schools and a state university. I tend to travel on public roads, use public libraries, recreate in state parks, use the postal service and do other such acts that no doubt place me on the no worry list.

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