June 02, 2006


Goat Rope is pleased to once again feature a learned commentary by bantam rooster and noted free market economist Dr. Denton “Denny” Dimwit. Dr. Dimwit is director of the Goat Rope Farm Entrepreneurship Center, which models itself very closely on the WVU Entrepreneurship Center.

Dr. Dimwit has also requested that Goat Rope editors use this opportunity to quash a persistent rumor. Contrary to popular belief, Denny Dimwit has not been ghostwriting the weekly political column of the print version of the WV State Journal. While we intend no disrespect to anyone, it should be clear to any reader that Dr. Dimwit is a writer of great erudition whose style is easily distinguishable from the competition.

As always, Goat Rope values the opportunity to share its space with a writer of this caliber who challenges us with an opposing viewpoint. In this way, we hope to contribute to a climate of profound respect, deep listening, and utmost civility.


Crudapatootie! This blog has sunk lower than a crawdad hole. It’s more like a crawdad sewage pipe.

What’s all this stupid stuff about unions this week? Who needs unions?

And I’m not scared of those goats either. You can tell them where they can put their horns.

Unions interfere with the freedom of the market to stick to people where it hurts the most…. I mean to operate efficiently. Yeah, that’s it.

I can prove it calculo-anylatico-trigonemetrologically. Just check out that picture. Guess who that dark, handsome guy in the background is. That’s right. It’s me. Do I look like I need to belong to a union? And see what’s standing in front of me? Did somebody say BIG hen? Yowza! There’s only one kind of union I’m interested in. That’s the beauty of the free market..

That’s the truth. You bet your cloaca.


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