November 23, 2006


Goat Rope interrupts its previously scheduled program for this special holiday message:

Tired of traditional turkey dinners? Dreading the endless leftover casseroles? El Cabrero has your back.

This Thanksgiving, parole the poultry and take a chance on the primeval possum, a veritable relic of mammalian antiquity.

First, of course, you have to find one in the event the possum section of your local store is understocked. I recommend looking where you keep the chicken feed and goat grain.

(I'll wait.)

OK, now that you have your possum, here's what the 1973 edition of The Joy of Cooking recommends:

If possible, trap 'possum and feed it on milk and cereals for 10 days before killing. Clean, but do not skin. Treat as for pig by immersing the unskinned animal in water just below the boiling point. Test frequently by plucking at the hair. When it slips out readily, remove the possum from the water and scrape. While scraping repeatedly, pour cool water over the surface of the animal. Remove small red glands in small of back and under each foreleg between the shoulder and rib. Parboil, page 132, 1 hour. Roast as for pork, page 407. Serve with: Turnip greens.

Obviously, if one is in a hurry, it may be necessary to skip the 10 day part, unless you just witnessed the possum crawl out of a deer carcass, in which case you may want to just proceed with the turkey.

Goat Rope...your source for better living.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Jamie said...

Well, say all the mean things in the world about tofurky, but you won't see it crawlin' out-a no deer carcass! ;) Warm greetings from icy Indian Point.

violet said...

Mmmmm.....I don't know sounds kinda good to me......

Anonymous said...

the culprit in the photo is now wanted for the murder of two Goat Rope fuzzy chickens, although that is not the appropriate name, it does fit the chicken's description.....for this reason--open season on possums----GIT-R-DUN AND EAT'EM UP

Bobbie, Jean & Barb said...

We're all upset about the chickens, El Cabrero. Bummer.