November 09, 2006


Caption: It's OK for roosters to crow sometimes. Just ask Stewpot.

El Cabrero trusts that Goat Rope readers have passed an uneventful day since the previous post.

On such a slow news day, it's hard to think of anything to write about, but here are a few items.

*This could explain some things. A New York Times story today reports that scientists have found genetic evidence to shed light on the question of whether early humans interbred with Neanderthals. "The answer is: probably yes, but not often."

Apparently it happened often enough...

*Losing the ring. The big story in El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia is the abject failure of Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship's effort to purchase the legislature despite spending millions of his own dollars.

It's probably fair to say that voters responded with revulsion to a media blitz that included appeals for cultural jihad from the domestic Taliban on issues like gay marriage, abortion, etc.

Gazette report Scott Finn provides a good summary.

As a counter to the "And for the sake of the kids" media blitz, many raised the slogan "West Virginia is not for sale."

As El Cabrero's late father used to say, "I can be had, but I'm not easy."

*We hope the reader will excuse a little crowing about the nonpartisan issue of raising the minimum wage. One of the most successful current issue-based campaigns is the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, which includes over 80 faith-based, labor, and community organizations.

Since LJR officially kicked off its campaign to raise the minimum wage at the state and federal level in the fall of 2005, four states by my count have passed increases via legislation and all six ballot measures passed in Tuesday's elections. It now looks like a federal increase is likely due to some apparent shifts in the earth's magnetic field.

Anyhow, the FIRST state to win a victory since the campaign kicked off was El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia, where the legislature passed a bill in March after a nailbiter.

(If you check the dusty Goat Rope archives for that period, you'll get a sense of the back and forth before the bill passed.)

OK, so the legislation that passed had enough loopholes to float a barge through, but it started the momentum. The main question now is whether Gov. Manchin will win a race to expand coverage of the state minimum wage before congress gets a chance to raise it for everyone.


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