November 07, 2006


Caption: Seamus McGoogle claims exclusive credit for six state minimum wage ballot victories. The devil (left) is disappointed.

Heard any interesting news lately? Neither has El Cabrero, nor would he be disposed to discuss it if in fact he did.

Regarding his beloved state of West Virginia, he will confine himself to one comment apropos of nothing: Sauron did not get the ring.

Meanwhile check out the minimum wage state ballot news. It looks like all six states with a minimum wage increase on the ballot passed them (Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Ohio).

These measures were supported by the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, a nonpartisan program of over 80 faith-based, labor and community organizations.

In another sign of growing support for a long overdue increase, some unusual suspects have issued a Business Owners and Executives for a Higher Minimum Wage. Interested people can still sign on.

Here's a sample from the statement:

We expect an increased minimum wage to provide a boost to local economies. Businesses and communities will benefit as low-wage workers spend their much-needed pay raises at businesses in the neighborhoods where they live and work.

Here's hoping we "complete the mission" at the national level soon.



Anonymous said...

El Cabrero is doing an outstanding job in his beloved state of West Virginia. Might El have his sights set on anything on a larger level? The country seems to be moving in a better direction, but El Cabrero's talents and insight and dedication would no doubt boost an already good thing......

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mwildfire said...

Sauron did not get the ring--and here he spent two million dollars. That is very cheering--but on the other hand, Capito is still "our" representative.