November 14, 2006


Caption: This is worth howling about.

In the wake of the mine disasters that occured early this year, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin appointed a special team to investigate the fatalities at the Sago and Aracoma mines.

The team was lead by J. Davitt McAteer, a former Clinton administration mine safety administrator with decades of experience and expertise in the field. The Sago report came out earlier this year but the report on the fire at Aracoma was only released last Friday.

Here's the link to the new report.

At the press conference releasing the report, McAteer had harsh words for the company and for federal and state safety inspectors that failed to observe standard safety practices:

"That triple-layered system--company, state and federal--collapsed in this instance."

Here are links to related coverage by Ken Ward in the Charleston Gazette.

The company in question is Massey Energy, whose CEO Don Blankenship spent millions in a recent unsuccessful effort to purchase the state legislature.

It would appear that that money would have been better spent on basic mine safety "for the sake of the kids" whose parents work in the mines.



mwildfire said...

I decided to overlook the Goat's pro-militarist stance yesterday, but in today's blog he has committed a crime I just can't excuse. He must be beaten with a lead truncheon for this one--spelling the past tense of "lead" L-E-A-D. The word is LED. Got it, people? If it's past tense, it's spelled like it sounds...L-E-D. Swear you'll never do it again and you can be pardoned.

nessarose said...

Hey, let up on El Cabrero, it's just a little spelling mistake. He knows the difference. His fingers just tripped over each other. Jeesh.

nessarose again said...

And by the way, why is that little handicapped wheelchair symbol down by the word verification space??
Anyone know...

Anonymous said...

For nessarose - a wild guess: the purpose of the "word verification" is to frustrate bots that leave spam, as only humans can read and replicate the slightly distorted letters. Perhaps there are people with (visual?) disabilities that prevent them from reading the letters, but who can recognize, and click on, the symbol, whereas a bot can't. Seems far-fetched, but it' the best I can come up with.

For El Cabrero: I'm delighted to have discovered your blog, and have linked to it.

Anonymous said...

Claude, I googled "handicapped symbol in Blogger", and found out it's a link to an audio feature for the handicapped in Quicktime. There was more about it, but that was enough for me. When I clicked it, the letters shifted around a little, but that was all that happened. Guess you have to set up your computer for all that stuff.

Bruce Price said...

I just found goatrope advertised by Google on my site ( This tells me that Google's robots have decided that goatrope is a supremely intelligent and sophisticated place. Congratulations. Also worth a mention: we're in adjoining states, IEO being based in Norfolk.