October 28, 2006


Goat Rope is pleased to once again feature a commentary by alpine goat and historian Cornelius Agrippa.

Cornelius is Goat Rope Farm Dean of Classical and Alchemistical Studies.

His earlier discussions of classical Greek culture and tragedy ran the last two weekends and can be found in the GR archives.

This series is part of Goat Rope's ongoing effort to raise the level of civil discourse and promote greater appreciation of both the humanities and the animalities.

(Disclaimer: the opinions expressed by talking animals in this blog are not necessarily those of the humans who produce it. But they might be.)


OK, so although there were lots of dudes who produced Greek tragedies--did I mention the word means "goat song?"-- but only the work of three of them survives. That is so not cool.

The reason so much of the ancient Greek stuff didn't survive was because people who came later had other priorities--like bad religion and making people stupider.

Anyway Aeschylus was like the main first dude of tragedy. He lived from around 525 to 456 BC. He wrote about a gazillion and won the big contest over and over but there's only about six or seven left.

He was also proud of defending Greece against the Persians. Here's my translation of what's on his tombstone:

Hey Persians...Remember that time y'all invaded Greece and got your butts kicked? Oh, yeah, sorry-it happened more than once. Well, remember the time y'all came to Marathon and you had like way more guys than we did but we totally opened a can on you guys anyway? Well, I was there, baby!

Some people translate it differently but that's the goat version.

Anyway, his is the only surviving trilogy left. It's called the Oresteia and it's about the offspring of this dude Atreus who was a real jerk. In fact, lots of people in that family were jerks.

If you think you have a screwed up family, this will make you feel a lot better. Cause, man, these guys were jacked! But you'll have to wait till next weekend to hear the goat version.


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