September 16, 2006


The following commentary is part of Goat Rope's ongoing effort to stimulate discussion of the cultural and intellectuals issues of our time.

The author, Dr. Molly Ringworm, is a Weimerauner dog and Visiting Professor of Literary Theory at the Goat Rope Farm School of Cultural Studies.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out her weekend commentary on postmodernism in last week's Goat Rope archives.

Dr. Ringworm is author of The Social Construction of Squeaky Toys, Deconstructing Human Footware, and many articles in academic publications.


OK so this is like all about deconstructionism, which is really something dogs invented a long time ago but this dead French guy Derrida gets all the credit for.

Which is like SOOO unfair. 'Cause I've been deconstructing things since I could open my eyes. Shoes, socks, pillows, books, magazines--pretty much anything that isn't like a rock, metal, or really hard plastic.

Do you think that French guy could deconstruct a tennis racket in two minutes using just his teeth?


So OK this is how deconstruction works.

Like whenever you write something, not only do you write what you write but you don't write what you don't write. Which is kind of like writing it anyway, see, except you do it by not doing it, which is just another way of doing it.

So that means when you write something, not only do you mean what you mean and don't mean what you don't mean but you also mean what you don't mean and don't mean what you mean.

And it's always already that way anyway so don't worry about it.

That's why shoes are more fun to deconstruct.


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mwildfire said...

upheaval at Goat Rope? Whatever happened to the rooster? Has he been deposed--perhaps by this innocent-looking dog? or is he just taking a well-earned sabbatical?