September 08, 2006


Goat Rope, in its continuing efforts to raise the level of popular discourse, is pleased to feature commentary by Weimerauner puppy and Visiting Professor of Literary Theory Molly Ringworm.

Dr. Ringworm has been a guest lecturer at the Goat Rope Farm School of Cultural Studies and is the author of The Social Construction of Squeaky Toys and Deconstructing Human Footware.

In this exclusive contribution to Goat Rope, Dr. Ringworm attempts to explain the confusing and controversial concept of postmodernism, which has been characterized both as an intellectual movement and as a description of a media-dominated world.


This is like so cool. OK, like first there was modernism, which was all about things. Things can be defined as stuff you can eat, chase, or pee on.

Postmodernism is more about images than things. The thing about images is that they look like things but aren't things. It's hard to tell the things from the images.

'Cause like if you think about it an image is an image of a thing and is sort of a thing since you can talk about it but still it isn't. Right?

You can chase images but you can't really catch them and they're really hard to eat or pee on, although you can on a television set that is showing an image, but that's not quite the same.

And like if the image on the television is another television--whoa...

And you know you can chase a squeaky toy and squeak it but if you chase an image of the squeaky toy you can't squeak it.

Or there might even be the sound of a squeak without a squeaky toy. Isn't that weird?

That's like postmodernism or something.

That means you can never be totally sure in a postmodern world what you can chase, eat or pee on. So I try it with everything.



Anonymous said...

i love it...however... i think it is almost time for a quest interview with a pug

DK said...

And neo-postmodernism?