September 25, 2006


Caption: This guy can ask some tough questions.

Key Senate leaders have been busy coming with a torture "compromise" that will allow the Bush administration to do whatever it wants to do to whoever it wants to.

(...Which is probably unnecessary, since the administration has a long history of ignoring legislation it doesn't like...)

In that kind of political climate, the words of Lieutenant General John Kimmons, Army deputy chief of staff for intelligence, are a welcome change. At a briefing for reporters on the Army's new field manual, he had this to say:

No good intelligence is going to come from abusive practices. I think history tells us that. I think the empirical evidence of the last five years, hard years, tells us that. And, moreover, any piece of intelligence which is obtained under duress, through the use of abusive techniques, would be of questionable credibility, and additionally it would do more harm than good when it inevitably became known that abusive practices were used. And we can't afford to go there...

Maybe the administration should try listening to some of the troops they're always telling us to support.

In a related development, The New York Times reports that a recent intelligence assessment "found that the Iraq war has invigorated Islamic radicalism and worsened the global terrorist threat..."

That was another shocker...


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Anonymous said...

Common Sense... kind of an oxymoron when used in any sentence with bush...hypocrit is another word that comes to mind with your point that the bush admin. should listen to those it "claims" to support...and the beat goes on...