May 18, 2006


Caption: Like the peacock Ferdinand, Congressional leaders have it backwards again.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Before we get into the main event, let's talk about the tax "relief" most of us will be getting from our friends in Congress. As noted in the May 10 Goat Rope post, the $70 billion in tax cuts will mean around $20 for middle income people.

Question of the day: how are you going to spend that $20? A full tank of gas is out of the question for most cars, although smaller ones might get 3/4. For El Cabrero, the choice will be between 5 bales of hay for the goats and two 1.5 liter bottles of wine of drinkable but not stellar quality. For goatherders, both items are indispensable (the latter in particular makes it easier to put up with the goats).

On the other hand, millionaire cabreros, if there were any, could buy about 10,500 bales of really good hay (the kind with alfalfa), not to mention better wine, with their $42,000 in tax cuts.

DOING SOMETHING ABOUT ESTATE TAX REPEAL. For those so inclined, the Coalition on Human Needs is urging people to sign on to a letter to the Senate, which will consider repealing or dramatically slashing the estate tax (for background, see earlier posts this week).

This could potentially cost $1 trillion over the next 10 years. As CHN puts it, "The huge revenue loss will result in cuts in services and higher deficits--all to benefit the very wealthiest fraction of one percent of Americans."

The deadline for signing on is May 31st.

Individuals can write their senators by clicking here.

Organizations can sign on to a letter drafted by Americans for a Fair Estate Tax. You can view the letter here and sign on here.

And, for still more background on the subject, click: here.


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