May 01, 2006


Caption: The ongoing goat rope in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is still something to howl about, according to Goat Rope homeland security advisor Lily.

Hurricane Katrina blew the cover off more than the Super Dome last September. It uncovered poverty, racism, and exactly what happens when government is run by people who don't believe government can do anything and act accordingly.

An Associated Press poll
conducted in April found that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of the administration's handling the disaster and recovery.

Hurricane victims are not the only ones to suffer in the storm's long wake. Recovery workers have also been taking hits. As the May 1 Business Week put it, "We've heard about the charity, insurance, and procurement fraud surrounding the post-Katrina recovery effort. Less noticed have been the abuses of wage-and-hour laws suffered by some of the thousands of workers who have poured into the three afflicted Gulf states." Business Week reports that the Labor Department is now pursuing 190 cases of wage and hour violations involving thousands of workers.

The stage was set for this abuse when the Bush administration suspended prevailing wage rules immediately after the storm, a move that was reversed in Nov. 2005 after a bipartisan storm of protest.

A new Senate report titled "Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared" sharply criticized the administration's response.

According to the executive summary, "The suffering that continued in the days and weeks after the storm passed did not happen in a vacuum; instead, it continued longer that it should have because of--and was in some cases exacerbated by--the failure of government at all levels to plan, prepare for and respond aggressively to the storm. These failures were not just conspicuous; they were pervasive."

Meanwhile, a new hurricane season is approaching.

How's that homeland security coming?


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Anonymous said...

The truly terrifying thing is that the folks now running the government are the same nincompoops who had been running businesses in the private sector. Often running them into the ground. But what can you expect from a President who gave up Sammy Sosa when he was a baseball executive. MBAs will ruin America.